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Spice Web Services is one of the india's leading and growing bulk sms provider and aggregator based on India having physical presence in major cities. With our Premium SMS gateway, you can now design, build, host and operate your own SMS applications!

we have multiple connectivity from major mobile operators to offer web based Premiun and non premium bulk SMS solutions for end users as well as http API and SMPP bulk SMS / streaming SMS gateway integration tools for Corporate users. We have a Premium SMS connectivity with more than 250 network operators in 60 countries.

We are the provider of PREMIUM HIGH PRIORITY SMS SERVICE & NDNC Filter for LEGAL bulk sms.

Pricing - Bulk SMS - Premium Route | Updated on Dec 13 2012

Credits Volume
Price in INR
Purchase Now
1000 SMS
30 Paise Per SMS
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5000 SMS
25 Paise Per SMS
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10000 SMS
25 Paise Per SMS
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20000 SMS
20 Paise Per SMS
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50000 SMS
20 Paise Per SMS
purchase sms coming soon
1 Lakh SMS
18 Paise Per SMS
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2 Lakhs SMS
17 Paise Per SMS
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3 Lakhs SMS
14 Paise Per SMS
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5 Lakhs SMS
11 Paise Per SMS
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10 Lakhs
10 Paise Per SMS
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Above 10 lakhs
9 Paise Per SMS
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All the above charges are inclusive of Service Charges, Termination Charges by TRAI, No Hidden Fees, No Monthly Rent, No Extra Charges.

How Stuff Works - Bulk SMS
We partnered with one of the world biggest VAS players in the telecom market and offers ample services to the clients across the world. We offer you BULK SMS services at very economical rates and try our level best to provide you the services much cheaper and more stable as compared to your current providers.

Features of Priority SMS Route - Delivery 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM ( Indian Time Zone )
Numeric Operator Assigned Sender ID / Sender ID Management
Delivery only on indian Non DND Numbers
Reseller Web Interface Whitelabelled .
Direct Connectivity with the Operator like BSNL,Aircel,Tata etc.
Connectivity efficiency & Delivery performance.
Real Time Counters and Downtime report.
Instant Message Delivery
Message Categorization for Promotional, Marketing , Real Time Transactions, Priority routing based on category.
Supports multiple connectivity per service provider.
Connects through universally accepted protocols: HTTP / HTTPS / SMPP3.4 / CIMD2.0.
Secure Platform with HTTPS/SSH/SFTP
Password authentication and Audit trail.
24x7 support to the user.
99.9% Server Uptime
No Monthly Rent, No Setup Fee, No Interconnectivity Charges, No Investment.
Integrating SMS Alert services with your website.
Unmatched level of Support (Phone, Ticket, Live Chat,SPOC)

Industries Served for Priority Bulk SMS Gateway - Tamilnadu - India - World wide :

Real Estate Firms.
Auditors - IT Returns Remainder.
Coaching and training Centers - Attendence - Holiday announcements.
Hotels & Restaurants - Billing - Booking.
Banking and Financial Institutions - Important dates - Payment details.
Educational Institutions - Exam Results - Attendence - Fees details - Announcements.
Event / product launch promotions.
Tv / Radio Media - Shows Promotion - Polls - Contests.
Insurance Agents - Payments EMI details.
Courier Services - Tracking Status - Locator.
Stock Broking Firms - Sensex Points - Recent IPOs.
Event Management Companies - Promotions.
Automotive Sector - Vehicle Service Notifications - Billing - Alerts.
Media and Entertainment Group.
Retail sector/ Distribution agencies.
Marketing Agencies.
Consumer Durable Sellers.

Why Priority SMS Route : Normal Gateways are commonly used for marketing purpose and sending non-critical bulk messages. Its very cheap when compared to Priority Gateways and ideal for sending bulk promotional messages and non-critical informal messages.  Priority Gateways are commonly used for sending real time critical messages which needs to be delivered instantly. 

Technical Background - Priority Route : Normal Route is a Shared 1000 TPS Connectivity with Queue & Approval System while Priority route is a Dedicated TPS Connectivity with multiple provider support like BSNL, Tata, Aircel etc., and Load Balancing and Dual routing Technology with Instant Approval System.

Location: Bangalore, Singapore, France, Coimbatore, Trivandrum, Trichy. Thanks for our clients who helps us to extend our services in nagercoil, Singapore, France, and trichy for payment gateway, website design, website development, web hosting, web casting, live video streaming and logo designing.

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