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Introducing Voiceapps, the Most Comprehensive Click to Call service on the internet.
If you are a website owner or webmaster you're tracking your visitors' every move once they are on your site, where they came from, which pages they visit. But how do you encourage a prospective customer to contact you?

If you're looking for an all in one business communications solution, you've come to the right place. Whether you are seeking to maximize the potential of your website traffic, or give your business the added edge through the latest in communications technology, voiceapps is your only solution for your questions. Visitors to your site are given the freedom to speak to a sales / support agent immediately, or at a time of their choosing.

Thanks to the latest Click to Call technology, Voiceapps lets your customers contact you - FOR FREE, from anywhere in the world. Its as simple as placing our Click to Call button on your website. It's very easy to integrate to any existing website/blogs.

How Stuff works : Click2Call
Any Website Visitor need to cick the click2call icon to request a call
Then he/she can Schedule the call immediately or on a preferred time
Submit your contact number along with few required details
A Secure request will initiate two phone calls - (one to the website owner / admin and another one to you) that are both terminated in the public telephone network somewhere in the world and both calls are billed based on their destination.

How Stuff Works - Click to Call

We're so confident you'll be impressed by ClicktoCall speed and effectiveness. you're free to test it on our web site ahead of any purchasing decision.

Hosted as a Software as a Service ( SAAS). So you just need to integrate the API Link.
Website visitor can speak to website owner/sales - support representative by entering his phone number.
Different phone numbers or multiple representative can be connected depending on the pages a website visitor visits
History and Statistics of all calls
Easy to Configure Tech Support Numbers
No investment on any hardware or software
Easy integration with any existing website in simple HTML code.
Pay for number of used minutes
Available in Pre / Post Paid Services

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