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Payment Gateway provides credit card processing, billing, reporting and settlement and operational services to acquiring and issuing banks, manages the process of transferring authorized and captured credit card funds between different financial accounts such as the merchants company checking account.

There are three financial components in a PG:

1. Set Up Fee [ Usually one time fee ].
2. Annual Maintenance Fee.
3. Per Transaction Fee.

In general PG can be classified as follows:
a. Dedicated.
b. Shared.

Dedicated PGs: This type are directly issued to the vendor. In this, the per transaction fee will be lowest for this payment gateways. Billing is done in the Vendor name Itself. Hosting environment needs to be setup specially for running sites with Dedicated Payment Gateways. This consists of Economy and Premium Packages.

Shared PGs: This type are issued as a third party payment processing to the vendor. In this the per transaction fee is very high when compared to Dedicated PG. Billing is not done in the vendor name. Hosting environment does not require any special environment setting to be done. This consists of Economy and Premium Packages.

Pricing - Payment gateway solutions

Account Type
One Time Setup Fee
Purchase Now
INR. 7,500
7.00 %
INR. 1200
purchase sms coming soon
INR. 12,000
5.00 %
INR. 2400
purchase sms coming soon
INR. 18,000
4.00 %
INR. 2400
purchase sms coming soon
INR. 24,000
3.75 %
INR. 2400
purchase sms coming soon
INR. 24,000
5 % - 1.25 %
INR. 2400
purchase sms coming soon
INR. 30,000
3.25 %
INR. 2400
purchase sms coming soon
INR. 40,000
2.5 %
INR. 3600
purchase sms coming soon

Note : Integration will be done free of cost for the customers who signup the payment gateway with us. Sandbox Testing in Hosting Environment will be done for free of cost .

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