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We are committed to promoting open source development. In that regard, we will be initiating and supporting open source projects. As a web development consultancy which specialises in the use of open source technologies.

We have a deep understanding of open source, not just as users but through involvement and leadership in open source projects. We keep up to date with the latest technologies, but don't just use them for their own sake.
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Open Source Solution
Alfresco, Joomla, Mamboo, Drupal, OsCommerce, Zendcart, X-Cart, Wordpress, Typo-3, PHP WCMS, V Bulletin, PHPBB Forum, Mantis, Sugar CRM, PHP Motion, Dokeos, Geoclassified and many more.....

The open source code based products and tools are regularly studied, used, implemented and deployed by our team experts.Depending on projects requirements our experienced competency team has provided fast services on various projects by reusing capabilities of various application framework like symphony, VCL, Canvas, CakePHP, Zend. For fast and cost reducing solutions we can also use various template engines and open source AJAX toolkits such as Sajax, AJAX Ajent, and AJAXAC.

Location: Chennai, Bangalore, Singapore, France, Trichy. Thanks for our clients who helps us to extend our services in Chennai, Singapore, France, and trichy for sms gateway, payment gateway, website design, web development, web hosting, web casting, live video streaming and logo designing.

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